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Covid 19 in Prague

2.4.2020 16:52
Uptade 1th October 2020 Epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic is worsening. Current measures valid in Prague are: Wearing of face masks is mandatory in all indoor premises of buildings, except for the home or place of accommodation (e…

Traditional Czech Dishes

5.2.2020 22:22
Like every country, the Czech Republic has its traditional dishes. Typical Czech cuisine is rich, very often fatty, and soup is an essential part of lunch. Here we bring you TOP 7 Czech dishes, which are a regular part of the menu, and in Prague you can…

TOP 7 Pubs and Taverns in Prague

5.2.2020 22:13
What is typical for the Czech Republic? It’s beer, of course! And restaurants, pubs and taverns compete in having the best one. However, it is not just beer what makes a good place. It is a pleasant atmosphere, nice waiting staff and also the spirit…

Best Czech Christmas Traditions

5.2.2020 22:08
Traditional Czech Christmas is accompanied with a number of customs. Not all families practice all of them, but at least some of them is are practiced by virtually everyone. This is TOP 7 Czech traditions, which have survived from the past to this day

Traditional Czech Christmas Meals

5.2.2020 22:03
Christmas in the Czech Republic is very similar to most families for generations. And Christmas dishes are also traditional, of course. So what are the typical ones for the Christmas season? This is the TOP 7 Czech Christmas meals that almost everyone…

TOP 7 sushi restaurants in Prague

5.2.2020 21:49
The 7 best sushi restaurants in Prague are worth a visit.

TOP 7 Bars in Prague

17.12.2019 21:13
7 bars in Prague where they mix great drinks with an unforgettable atmosphere Although Prague has a reputation among young people as a “party metropolis”, where beer and cheap alcohol flows, it does not mean that it cannot offer original…
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