Best schnitzel in Prague

Guide to must-try schnitzel spots in Prague

Ah, the schnitzel. A golden-fried masterpiece that Czechs have practically adopted as their national treasure (sorry, pork knee or svíčková, you're out!). Take a walk through the streets on Sunday, and we bet you'll catch the scent of fried schnitzel wafting from at least one open window. 

Preparing schnitzel is quite easy. After all, it’s often the first dish children learn to cook in the kitchen. So, it’s no surprise that you’ll find it on nearly every menu, from budget pubs to more upscale establishments. But not all schnitzels are created equal. Therefore, here are our tips on where in Prague they make schnitzel just like mom’s. Because we all know the best schnitzel is always the one made by Mom!

Best schnitzel in Prague

Vienna Schnitzel, Holland Schnitzel... Who can keep track of all these schnitzels?
While the famous Wiener schnitzel is made from veal, the Czech version, řízek (rzhee-zek), is typically made from pork or chicken, pounded thin, dredged in flour, egg, and breadcrumbs, then fried until crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. It's often served with a wedge of lemon and potato salad, boiled or mashed potatoes as a side dish. Another special type of schnitzel is the Dutch schnitzel, which, although the name suggests so, is not from Holland at all, its origin is purely Czech and it earned the name "Dutch" due to the fact that cheese is added to it.

TOP 7 spots for the best schnitzel in Prague


Address: Na Struze 227/1, Prague 2

Is it a bit quirky to build a business around schnitzels? Well, believe it or not, this schnitzel paradise knows exactly what it's doing. Chicken, pork, veal, giant schnitzel platters, or XXL schnitzels, and various special schnitzel variations - nowhere else in Prague offers such a selection. Besides the traditional breadcrumb coating, you can try interesting alternatives like corn breadcrumbs with chia seeds or Italian breadcrumbs with herbs, schnitzel prepped with garlic, mustard, or chilli peppers before frying. As we mentioned, the choice is diverse, even when it comes to potato sides - potato salad, boiled potatoes, homemade mashed potatoes (which really taste that way), smashed potatoes, and fries. The schnitzels are perfectly seasoned, juicy, and most importantly, come in large portions. In other words - this schnitzel experience is one you definitely shouldn’t miss when visiting Prague!

Best schnitzel in Prague: Schnitzelhaus

Café Savoy

Address: Vítězná 5, Prague 5

Café Savoy is a perfect example of a place that can elevate even a simple dish to a gourmet experience. Besides offering some of the best breakfasts in Prague, this Art Nouveau café in Viennese style is also known for having one of the best schnitzels in Prague. You can choose between a classic chicken schnitzel or a veal Wiener schnitzel, both served in a rather untraditional way - with cranberries. The schnitzel is beautifully crispy, yet juicy, fried in clarified butter which gives it a lovely buttery, almost nutty flavor. Once you try it, you'll be hooked for your next visit! It might be a bit pricier than other options, but the experience (and the view of the Vltava River) is worth it.

Best schnitzel in Prague: Savoy

Vinohradský parlament

Address: Korunní 1, Prague 2

Vinohradský parlament focuses on honest Czech cuisine, with a large portion of the menu dedicated to dumplings in various forms. But there's another star on the menu - the veal Holland schnitzel. Forget the one you might remember from school canteens. This one is made from a mix of quality veal and pork meat, with cheese, and served with smooth mashed potatoes and cucumber salad. Add a great beer, and you’ll be completely satisfied.

Best schnitzel in Prague: Vinohradský parlament


Address: Mostecká 16, Prague 1

Pork's is a restaurant known primarily for pork knuckles, but their schnitzel will also knock you off your feet. You'll be stunned when the waiter places a plate in front of you with a gigantic schnitzel that practically hides the plate beneath it. And all this for a price you wouldn't expect for such a portion, especially in this location. The schnitzel is fried in lard, beautifully golden, and yet juicy. It’s served with lemon and a light potato salad—so basically a diet. :)) Few schnitzels in Prague can compare with this one. On the other hand, it’s a good thing the schnitzel is so large because when you see the staff bringing a pork knee, ribs, or pulled pork in a bun to other tables, it would be even harder to resist. Everything here looks so great! 

Best schnitzel in Prague

Krystal Bistro

Address: Sokolovská 101/99, Prague 8

Another gem among schnitzels in Prague is located in Karlín at Krystal Bistro. They prepare it from veal, fry it in clarified butter, and serve it with potato salad. Simplicity and honesty without unnecessary pretensions - that’s what this place is all about. If you still have a sweet tooth after this delicious meal, definitely go for their fabulous fruit dumpling for dessert. Combined with the pleasant atmosphere and professional, friendly staff, Krystal Bistro is a place where everyone feels like an honored guest.

Best schnitzel in Prague: Krystal Bistro

Řízek od babičky

Address: Karlínské náměstí 4, Prague 8

This place is somewhat of a contrast to the other establishments mentioned in this list. It’s a smaller, rather unassuming bistro - no flashy decor and prices that make you wonder if you can get at least an average schnitzel for that. But what you get is one of the best schnitzels in Prague! Despite being located in trendy Karlín, they don’t play up the hipster vibe. Honest schnitzel in quality and portion size, friendly service, and fair prices. Nothing more, nothing less. Whether you choose mashed potatoes, salad, or just bread, eat in or take away - it’s up to you. One thing’s for sure - this schnitzel tastes like grandma’s.

Best schnitzel in Prague: Řízek od babičky
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Ambiente Group - Kantýna, Lokál, Čestr, Kuchyně

Web: Ambiente

Our last tip is a bit of a 4-in-1 deal. If you've read any of our articles with tips on where to eat in Prague, you’ve probably noticed we love the Ambiente network and mention them often. And when it comes to the best schnitzels in Prague, it's no different. We've already mentioned Café Savoy, but Kantýna, Čestr, Kuchyň and Lokál are slightly different in style, and they all have one thing in common - meat lovers will be in heaven here. So, what about the schnitzels?

At Lokál, which has several locations in Prague, they prepare several types of schnitzels - chicken breast or pork chop, both fried in butter, and pork neck schnitzel, fried in lard. All are delicious and paired with potato salad. If you're watching your waistline, go for the leaner chicken or chop, the neck is fattier but juicier. At Kantýna, you can enjoy a Holland schnitzel (also excellent) and pork schnitzel, which is prepared from thick slices of neck or thigh, first fried in lard and then baked in the oven. The only problem? They’re not always on the menu. The good news? Try to ask for it and if you wait a bit, they’ll happily prepare a schnitzel for you anyway. The same goes for Čestr. And if you want to play it safe, head to Kuchyně just a stone's throw from Prague Castle, where you can enjoy one of the best schnitzels in Prague anytime.

Best schnitzel in Prague: Kuchyň

Where to Find Excellent Schnitzels in Prague - Additional Tips

As we mentioned in the introduction, thanks to its popularity, you’ll find schnitzel on the menu of most restaurants in Prague, though the quality and taste can vary. A dry piece of meat covered in a layer of breadcrumbs and soaked in oil is, unfortunately, a reality in some places.
The above tips are a sure bet for enjoying top-tier schnitzels during your visit to Prague. But you won't be disappointed at other places either. Restaurants like U Fleků, Tiskárna, Mincovna, any Kolkovna branch, or U Glaubiců - based on our experience, they all do this beloved Czech dish justice. And at U Glaubiců, you can even wash it down with a Pilsner at an unbeatable price.

Extra Tip: Craving schnitzel but don’t feel like leaving home? No problem. Ambiente offers a service that delivers goodies from their restaurants right to your door, schnitzels included. Or go to the Foodora app or website, find DámeŘízek, and you’ll have a nice portion of crispy-coated meat at your home in minutes.