Kutná Hora city

Kutná Hora is a small city with 20,000 inhabitants located 70 km east of Prague. Its historic centre is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The area around Kutná Hora has been famous for its silver mines since the Middle Ages. In the past, it was a wealthy city with unique architecture, which shapes the character of the city to this day. During a one day trip to Kutná Hora visitors can view its renowned monuments and learn about the history of its silver mining in a calm and relaxed atmosphere that only a small city can offer, in contrast to the hustle and bustle of Prague.



The best route is via the D11 highway to Poděbrady and then through Kolín to Kutná Hora. It is an 80-km trip and takes about an hour.

Train or bus

There is a train to Kutná Hora from Prague’s main train station (Hlavní nádraží) every hour, which takes approximately 50 minutes.

Getting there by bus takes twice as long. Most buses do not go to Kutná Hora directly and it is necessary to change buses. It is far more convenient to take a train.

Train departures and prices


In case you don’t want to spend too much time by planning your trip, you can take a guided tour from Prague. Tour includes trip from Prague to Kutná Hora by train, guided tour around the city and entrance to St. Brarbara’s Church and the Sedlec Ossuary “the Bone Church”. The whole trip takes 7 hours and you can book it here.


The Cemetery Church of All Saints and the Ossuary

GPS: 49.9618264N, 15.2882031E

The church was founded in 1142 and has an ossuary comprising more than 40,000 human bones which lie in a crypt underneath its chapel, Charnel House. They are arranged into four large pyramids at the corners of the crypt that form the basic element of the chapel bone decorations. The church is located in Sedlec, 2.5 km from the centre. Sedlec is a suburb of Kutná Hora and is only a few hundred metres from the main train station.

The Ossuary is visited by more than a quarter million tourists every year as it is one of the most important historic monuments in the area. Visiting the church and the Ossuary takes about half an hour.

Information about opening hours, admission and its history can be found on the official websites.

Visitors can take a bus, at the front of Charnel House, to the city centre which costs 35 CZK per person.

The Church of Saint Barbara and the historical centre

GPS: 49.9449328N, 15.2636278E

There are several important historic sites located in the centre of Kutná Hora. The most impressive is the Church of Saint Barbara. It is open daily from 10:00 a.m. The admission price is 85 CZK for adults and 65 CZK for seniors and students.

Since the church is situated in the centre of Kutná Hora, visitors can enjoy a leisurely walk and enjoy its parks which have marvellous views of the city and several squares. There are also many historic buildings that are worth visiting.

The Czech Museum of Silver

GPS: 49.9476925N, 15.2653767E

The Czech Museum of Silver is situated in the city centre and it has two separate exhibitions. The first shows the history of Kutná Hora and its development. The second is dedicated to the medieval technology of mining ore, the cleaning of silver and the manufacture of the coinage.

Visiting both exhibitions takes about 2.5 hours in total.

Information about opening hours and admission can be found on the official websites.