Gluten-free Prague 2

An Ultimate Travel Guide (not only) for Celiacs | PART 2

Travelling with any kind of dietary restriction can be challenging. But not impossible! Even in the Czech Republic, where dumplings, sauces, soups and other flour-thickened meals dominate the cuisine and the national drink is beer. Forget about missing out on delicious food - our ultimate two-part guide to eating gluten-free in Prague helps you enjoy a safe gluten-free trip.

In the first part, we focused on 100% gluten-free businesses in Prague, gluten-free bakeries and gluten-free food shops. Or where to go for gluten-free beer. 

In this second part, we will literally shower you with tips on various establishments in Prague that cater to people on a gluten-free diet. Find out where to go in Prague for a great gluten-free breakfast or brunch, where to quickly stave off hunger during the day or enjoy a quiet sit-down dinner. Craving a gluten-free pizza or burger in Prague? No problem, we'll tell you where to go. Or do you have a sweet tooth? Then cafes with gluten-free sweet treats and ice cream parlours will come in handy. We haven't forgotten those who prefer plant-based food in addition to a gluten-free diet as well. In other words, we've covered it all so you can enjoy a stress-free gluten-free holiday in Prague.

enlightened Good to know: Please be aware that the businesses listed below are not 100% gluten-free. Meals here are prepared together with those containing gluten and cross-contamination can be a risk for people with celiac disease. So always check how gluten-free meals are prepared and consider whether they pose any risk of health complications for you.

Gluten-free Prague: An Ultimate Guide

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Restaurants in Prague with gluten-free options

Gluten allergies or celiac disease are not so uncommon nowadays, and thus the gluten-free map of Prague is complemented by many other places that are not 100% gluten-free, but still offer plenty of options for those with this restriction. And here is our selection.

If you're looking for a place where the visit is an experience, from the food to the ambience and overall atmosphere, head to Portfolio restaurant. There's either a tasting or classic menu with gluten-free dishes clearly labelled. 

Another top-notch but still casual restaurant that we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending, moreover, situated in the unique setting of a former bank, is Červený jelen. The gluten-free is a little bit limited, but still enough wide for everyone to choose from.

Where to eat gluten-free in Prague
Source: Červený jelen

For those who want to indulge in gluten-free Italy in Prague, Pizza Nuova, a restaurant from the well-known Ambiente chain, is the ideal destination. However, be aware, that despite the name, they only prepare gluten-free pasta. For pizza, you'll have to go elsewhere (where exactly, you can read a few paragraphs below).

A legendary establishment, where rock-and-roll rules and American influence dominates the cuisine - that's exactly what Hard Rock Café is, another (almost) gluten-free restaurant in Prague. They are well-prepared for gluten-free customers, not only with trained staff but also with a separate gluten-free menu. However, you might want to opt for a salad instead of fries with your burger, as the fries are not gluten-free.

How about ending your walk to Vyšehrad with lunch or dinner overlooking the Vltava River? Stop by the slightly hidden Podolka restaurant. The range of gluten-free food in both their regular and lunch menus is really wide, always clearly marked with a crossed grain symbol.

If there's any international cuisine that's friendly to those with celiac disease, it's Latin American. For delicious tacos and other gluten-free Mexican specialties, we recommend any of the Las Adelitas branches. For authentic tastes of Spain, head to El Centro, located right under the Petřín Lookout Tower. And if you head for views to the other riverbank near the Žižkov Tower, you can taste traditional arepas and other gluten-free dishes with an exotic flair at the family-run Venezuelan restaurant Arepas De Lyna.

Gluten-free restaurants in Prague suitable for vegans and vegetarians

A great option for gluten-free meals in Prague are also vegetarian and vegan establishments, where the menu is often diverse not only in terms of plant-based options but also gluten-free possibilities.

One of the havens for both vegans and those with celiac disease is located right beneath Prague Castle. At Vegan´s Prague, you can enjoy not only fantastic gluten-free meals, which you can wash down with gluten-free beer, but also a splendid view.

In Prague - Karlín, we recommend visiting Botanique Bistro & Bar. Here, you can be sure that they adhere to all principles to prevent contamination and ensure the food is truly 100% gluten-free.

Feeling hungry while walking around Letná? The vegan restaurant Chutnej will help you fight it off with a gluten-free burger and, every Monday, gluten-free pizza.

And if you're a group of friends with different tastes looking for a place where everyone can find something to enjoy - whether meat lovers, vegetarians, vegans or those on a gluten-free diet, Spojka Karlín is the perfect spot for breakfast, a lunchtime menu or a weekend brunch. Here, it is really true that food brings people together.

Where to eat gluten-free in Prague
Source: Spojka Karlín

Tips on quick gluten-free lunch or snack on the go

If you're unexpectedly overcome by hunger or don't have much time, fast food chains and quick service restaurants that you can find in multiple locations in Prague can also be helpful. Among the proven ones are Bageterie Boulevard, Burrito Loco, Dhaba Beas, and UGO Salaterie.

Best spots in Prague for gluten-free breakfast, brunch or just coffee

Gluten-free breakfast Prague
Source: Brunch in Café Electric

Můj šálek kávy - one of the most famous café spots in Prague is not off-limits to those with celiac disease. In the regular daily and breakfast menu, it's possible to swap regular bread for gluten-free.

Kavárna kočičí - stop by for dessert and animal therapy in one. Could there be anything better than the combination of good coffee, cats and gluten-free cake?

Bistro Monk - a cozy bistro with outdoor seating just a short walk from Old Town Square, offering gluten-free breakfast all-day

Studio DVA divadelní kavárna - a friendly café just off Wenceslas Square, not only for theatre visitors. From gluten-free breakfasts to lunch menus to desserts

Mezi srnky - a cosy café with two branches in Prague, where they will gladly prepare a gluten-free version for you. Especially excellent are their pancakes.

If you're heading to Letná for breakfast, then The Farm is the place to go. Or for a burger or other dishes from the main menu. They are prepared for celiacs and make sure that everyone enjoys their meal.

Marthy's Kitchen - a bistro in a French style that will delight every gluten-free diner. Almost everything on the menu, whether sweet or savoury, is prepared in a gluten-free version, so there is a lot to choose from. 

FofrKafe Soukenda - a nice spot for good coffee and some of the best gluten-free cakes and desserts in Prague

Bistro Sisters - traditional and creative variations of open sandwiches, including gluten-free options. A fine choice if you get a little hungry while wandering the streets.

Café Electric - a little gem right in the centre of Prague, yet hidden from the crowds. A diverse offering of breakfasts and lunches not only for celiacs but also for vegetarians and vegans. As a bonus, there's pleasant outdoor seating.

Bagel Lounge - a bagel makes the day, especially one from the Michelin-starred chefs! Just choose according to your taste and ask for the gluten-free version.

Venue - a renowned brunch spot where even gluten-free guests are guaranteed to enjoy their meal. That is, assuming you can grab a seat here, as there's often a line for seats.

Where to eat gluten-free in Prague
Source: Bistro Sisters - an open sandwich

Where to get a gluten-free burger in Prague

In recent years, a multitude of quality burger joints have sprung up in Prague, and fortunately, many of them have dietary restrictions in mind. If you´re a burger lover, you can indulge in a juicy gluten-free burger in Prague at the following establishments:

MaLi Bistro - a wide selection of pizzas, burgers and salads, all of which can be prepared in a gluten-free version. As the name suggests, it is a smaller place, so rather ideal choice for take-away. Plus with a very friendly owner. 

Tom's Burger - offers burgers with the option of a gluten-free rice bun (for an extra charge), and unlike most other burger places, the fries are gluten-free as well.

The Street - an extra gluten-free burger menu at the branch on Belogradska Street. As for the branch on Konviktska Street, the burgers from the main menu can be prepared with a gluten-free bun

Cafe Palanda - one of the best burger joints in Prague, where all burgers are offered in a "naked" variant and thus gluten-free

Gluten-free burger Prague
Source: Café Palanda - naked and thus gluten-free burger

Hadog - another of the top burger spots in Prague with the option to swap the regular bun for a gluten-free one

Loki burgers and Meet and Great - both offering delicious burgers with the option of a gluten-free bun, however, the fries are not prepared separately and thus there is gluten contamination.

Where to enjoy a piece of Italy with gluten-free pizza in Prague

While it's usually just a matter of swapping the bun for a burger to make it gluten-free, preparing a gluten-free pizza without compromising taste is not so simple. However, according to us, below mentioned Prague establishments manage to excel in gluten-free pizza.

Best Gluten-free pizza in Prague
Source: Pizza in Restaurant Nominanza

Pizza Bertoldi is a great choice for celiacs and vegans alike to experience a piece of (not only) gluten-free Italy in Prague. A bonus is the friendly staff, who know a thing or two about gluten, so you won't have to explain your dietary restrictions to anyone.

Gluten-free versions of all pizzas on the menu can be ordered at Pizzeria Kmotra, where they even make their own dough for it. On the other hand, due to this, one must consider the possibility of gluten contamination.

Another place in Prague where they prepare gluten-free pizza from their dough made from Italian Gran Zero flour is Pizza Scuola

What about creating your own gluten-free pizza to suit your tastes? At Laboratorio de lla Pizza, no problem, and moreover, you can enjoy it in a very pleasant atmosphere.

And if you can't decide whether you're more in the mood for gluten-free pizza or pasta, head to Restaurant Nominanza. They offer both in gluten-free versions, and gluten-free desserts as well.

When craving something sweet

What a guide to gluten-free places in Prague would it be if we left out tips on where to sweeten your life without having to worry about any allergy-related consequences. 

For those who want to try the legendary trdelnik, Good Food Coffee & Bakery just off the Charles Bridge is an almost obligatory stop.

Best gluten-free trdelnik Prague
Source: Good Food Coffee and Bakery: gluten-free trdelnik

For delicious gluten-free waffles, head to Café Wafflé or Coffee and Waffles. Just be aware - while the waffles themselves are gluten-free, they are prepared in the same waffle irons as those made from regular batter.

If you prefer pancakes, either savoury or sweet, either just for a treat or for breakfast, you can enjoy them at Bistro Palačinka (gluten-free, lactose-free or vegan versions on request) or at Creperia U Slepé kočičky, where all the pancakes are made from buckwheat flour. For traditional Czech pancakes “lívance” in both sweet and savoury versions, stop by the bistro Den Noc.

For a unique taste experience, visit Knedlín located near the National Theatre, where several sweet and savoury dumplings in gluten-free versions are on offer as well.

Summer without ice cream? Impossible! Fortunately, even those with gluten allergy don't have to give up this treat. And there's no need to stick to sorbets or ice cream in a cup! At Angelato, most flavours are gluten-free, Creme de la Creme provides a list of all ice creams including allergens on their website, and gluten-free cones are available at both. And if you stop by Puro Gelato, we recommend the fabulous gluten-free waffle with ice cream.

Do you know of any other places in Prague where you can enjoy gluten-free food? Let us know, we will be happy to expand the list with more tips.