Tipping in Prague

Tipping in the Czech Republic is not automatically added to the bill. It is perceived as thanking to the staff and there are no clearly defined rules on how much should be given. In a restaurant it is customary to give 10% of the total amount spent. At maximum satisfaction, it is possible to leave between 15% and 20%.  However, many Czechs usually leave 20 to 40 Czech crowns in restaurants as tips. In case of dissatisfaction with the service or the quality of food, it is advisable not to give any tips and there is no need to explain this decision.

When paying by card, tips can usually be entered directly at the payment terminal, if not, it is a decency to give it in cash directly to the waiter. Tipping in hotels for maid services, car parking or luggage delivery is regarded as a common courtesy. The amount for these services is usually about 50 CZK. Tipping is considered optional when using taxi services. When paying in cash, you may round off the total amount. In the case of cashless payment via Uber or other similar platforms, it is usually possible to enter it via a special feature in the application directly to the driver.

How much is usually given?

Restaurant 10% - 20%
Fast Food not necessary
Bar 5% - 10%
Café 10 %
Taxi round amount
Retail not necessary
Hotels 20 - 50 CZK to a maid