Best Korean restaurants in Prague

Where to go in Prague for traditional bibimbap, Korean BBQ and other specialties

When you say "Korean cuisine", most of us probably think of kimchi at first. True, this vitamin-packed fermented cabbage, which is even the national dish in Korea, is very popular in our country for its beneficial effects. But Korea has given us much more in terms of taste treasures. Whichever of the Korean restaurants in Prague you visit, you will find a wide variety of interesting dishes that are definitely worth trying! Especially if you like the distinctive flavours of garlic, soy sauce, sesame or chilli, ingredients typical of Korean food. 

And so that you don't get burned by the choice of where to eat Korean food in Prague, if only by the larger amount of chilli, not by the choice of the place itself, we have written down some tips for the best Korean restaurants in Prague that we have had good experience with.

Best Korean restaurants in Prague

The best of Korean cuisine

Which traditional Korean food can you find on the menu of most Korean restaurants in Prague?

If you are one of those people who could eat rice every day, you will love bibimbap, literally translated as "mixed rice". The base is the cooked rice, to which vegetables, meat, eggs (both raw and cooked or otherwise prepared) are added. The dish is so variable that everyone will find their own (except those who don't like rice, of course :) ). Everything is then seasoned with a mixture based on soy sauce, Korean gochujang chilli paste and sesame oil. The dish is usually a feast for the eyes, the various ingredients carefully piled on top of the rice create a beautiful palette of colours and flavours. But be sure to mix the whole composition thoroughly before you dig into the bibimbap! 

A traditional Korean dish made from thinly sliced beef cooked on a grill or pan. Its specific taste is given by a special marinade, to which, in addition to soy sauce, fruit puree (traditionally from Korean pear, but sometimes also from pineapple or kiwi) is added. It is most often served with rice or wrapped in lettuce leaves, but its popularity means that it can also be served in alternative forms such as burgers.

Topokki rice cakes
A popular street food in Korea. These are hearty rice cakes, similar to gnocchi, which are steamed and then mixed with hot sauce to give them their typical red colour. Koreans love this dish especially in winter, when it gives them the energy they need and warms up the whole body. However, if you are not a fan of spicy food, you may find tasting it a rather unpleasant experience.

Korean BBQ
If Korean cuisine appeals to you so much that you would like to taste everything, head to some restaurants in Prague offering real Korean barbeque! It features meat grilled right on the tables in front of the guests (or grilled by the guests themselves), all complemented by "banchan", smaller bowls of various side dishes placed in the middle of the table for sharing. In addition to a gastronomic experience, Korean BBQ is thus considered a social event. 

Best Korean restaurants in Prague


Address: Dušní 1082/6, Prague 1

A small Korean bistro in Prague's Old Town, which apart from authentic Korean cuisine will charm you with its cosy interior and such portions of specialties that will satisfy even the biggest hunger. The bistro is owned by a Korean family, so authenticity from recipes to quality ingredients to atmosphere is guaranteed. If you decide to enjoy Korean food in Prague right here, a reservation is recommendable. 

Numaru & Pocha & Goggi

Address: Truhlářská 1110/4 & Spálená 31, Prague 1, Oldřichova 14, Prague 2

This trio of Korean restaurants in Prague, all among the best ones, is the brainchild of Roy, an itinerant photographer, originally from Korea, so that he can enjoy the "tastes of home" whenever he feels homesick. Each of the restaurants offers a completely different experience. Numaru is designed as a fusion restaurant. In Pocha, you can try Korean street food-inspired dishes, and Ggogi specialises in traditional Korean BBQ. What all the establishments have in common is a welcoming atmosphere and friendly service. If you want to take a slice of Korea home with you, their homemade kimchi and sauces can also be purchased in a jar.

Best Korean restaurants in Prague


Address: Anny Letenské 916/16, & Náplavní 1501/8, Manifesto Anděl - Prague 5

A great cross-section of Korean food in Prague is also offered by this restaurant, whose menu you can taste at three places. The flavours are truly authentic Korean, and you would hardly find traces of European cuisine here. The portions are generous, and the service friendly. Among the branches we recommend especially the one in Prague - Vinohrady and Manifesto.

Best Korean food in Prague

Hosarowa Korean BBQ&Shabushabu

Address: Jilská 445/6, Prague 1

Suppose you want to experience traditional Korean barbecue in Prague. In that case, this tip is the right for you, as Hosarowa restaurant specializes in it, making your visit not only a taste experience but also a cultural one. An imaginary gastronomic trip to far-away Asia is enhanced by authentic Korean music.

Best Korean BBQ Prague

Yuniku BBQ

Address: Slezská 1297, Prague 2

When talking about Korean barbecue in Prague, we can't leave out the Yuniku restaurant, which also specializes in BBQ and maybe is even the best one where to go for Korean barbecue in Prague. Each table has a built-in charcoal grill on which the barbecue is prepared, and the restaurant's focus is reflected in the interior design, which adds to the overall luxurious experience. Not having any experience with Korean BBQ yet? Don't worry, the experienced staff will be happy to advise you on both food selection and grill service.

HanCook Korean Corn dog & Korean Chicken

Address: Malé náměstí 4/10, Prague 1
Web: Instagram

Not quite sure if Korean cuisine will win your affection enough to " dedicate" your lunch or dinner to it?  Why not just start with something smaller. HanCook is a small Korean street food in the heart of Prague. Try for example their famous corndogs (Korean version of hotdog), toppoki or Korean fried chicken, richly spiced and beautifully crispy thanks to double frying.

Best Korean food in Prague
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Gangnam Charcoal Grill & Dining pub

Address: Mikovcova 605/4, Prague 2

When you say Gangman, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is probably the hit that once dominated all the radios and the internet. And it's not unlikely that in this place with authentic Korean food in Prague's Vinohrady district, you'll dance or even sing to it too, as karaoke evenings are regularly held here.


Address: V Horkách 1388/9, 140 00 Prague 4
Web: Instagram

At first glance, a modestly looking Korean bistro in Prague - Nusle, but after the first bite, you will immediately understand why it deserves a place on this list. The owners are a lovely Korean couple and the menu is based on family recipes, bringing the authentic flavours of their homeland to every dish. Plus, if you're a fan of Playmobil toys, of which the owners are avid collectors, you'll feel like you're in paradise here. 

Best Korean restaurants in Prague
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Korean Kitchen Stromovka

Address: Veletržní 200/24, Prague 7
Website: Instagram

We all probably know how it usually is with the quality of food in food courts in shopping centres. They'll drive away hunger, but that's all. I guess not many people would expect a gastronomic experience there. Until you visit this Korean restaurant in Prague 7, located right in the shopping center OC Stromovka. The taste is so delicious that even native Koreans like to come back here, the service is friendly and the prices are also great.

Bonjuk and dosirak cafe

Address: Hartigova 1194/85, Prague 3

This restaurant is a bit of a hidden treasure that few people would expect to find in Žižkov. A small family-run place where you will feel like you are visiting a close friend, but the food surpasses any better-known place. The advantage is that not many people know about this Prague Korean restaurant yet, so there is a better chance that you will catch a free table here without a reservation.

Bibimbap Korea

Address: Chlumova 1, Prague 3
Website: Facebook

There's another place worth mentioning in Prague - Žižkov that even bears the name of the traditional Korean dish bibimbap. Don't be fooled if it doesn't appeal to you from the outside. Once the friendly staff brings bibimbap, bulgogi, fried chicken or dosiraki to your table, you'll understand why we've included this place on our list of the best Korean restaurants in Prague.

Best Korean food in Prague: Bibimbap

EXTRA TIP: If you're craving for something tasty or just an afternoon coffee, we highly recommend a visit to the smaller but all the more charming Korean cafe Cafe Susu. It is one of the few places in Prague where you can taste a truly authentic Korean dessert bingsu and other Korean delicacies, and the friendly service and overall nice atmosphere will leave such an impression that you can't help but like this place.