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Traditional Czech Christmas Meals

Christmas in the Czech Republic is very similar to most families for generations. And Christmas dishes are also traditional, of course. So what are the typical ones for the Christmas season? This is the TOP 7 Czech Christmas meals that almost everyone enjoys.

1. Carp and Salad (Schnitzel and Salad)

Traditional Czech Christmas Meals

A typical Christmas Eve dinner is fried carp with potato salad. While carp is usually breaded, each family has its own recipe for salad. Those who don’t like eating carp, eat either another fish or a fried schnitzel (breaded pork or chicken meat).

2. Fish Soup

Traditional Czech Christmas Meals

Fish soup is made from carp’s head, soft and hard roe, and root vegetables. It is served with toasted bread and is usually part of a Christmas Eve dinner.

3.Wine Sausage

Traditional Czech Christmas Meals

During the holidays, a wine sausage is also often served, just fried in a pan. Mashed potatoes or bread is usually served as a side dish.

4. Christmas Cookies and Gingerbread

Traditional Czech Christmas Meals

Christmas table must always include Christmas cookies. There are dozens of types and they are baked even several weeks before Christmas. Lots of cocoa, chocolate, nuts, and dried fruits are used to make them. Some are filled with sweet butter creams or stuck together with jam. Christmas gingerbread is decorated with white icing and it can also be hanged on the trees as ornaments.

5. Christmas Braided Bread

Traditional Czech Christmas Meals

Christmas braided bread (called “Vánočka” in Czech) is a typical Czech Christmas pastry. It is made of yeast dough, and it is full of raisins and sprinkled with almonds. Most often it is consumed dry or spread with jam or butter.

6. Roast Meat, Dumplings, and Cabbage

Traditional Czech Christmas Meals

On the 25th and 26th of December, families visit each other. They meet at a holiday lunch, for which roast meat with dumplings and cabbage is often served. Chilled Czech beer is of course served as drink.

7. Eggnog

Traditional Czech Christmas Meals

Besides meals there is also one typical Czech Christmas drink. It is eggnog (or egg liqueur) that is sold in stores, but many people prepare it at home. This liqueur is yellow in colour and it is made with raw eggs, milk and spirit. Nutmeg, vanilla or cinnamon is also added. It is served chilled, but is often added to coffee, ice cream sundae, or it is a part of hot drinks such as Bombardino.