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TOP 7 sushi restaurants in Prague

The 7 best sushi restaurants in Prague are worth a visit.

1. Hana Sushi House

The Hana Sushi House in Vinohrady offers an authentic atmosphere of exotic Japan and a gourmet experience. The restaurant has a typical Asian interior and of course delicious sushi prepared with the freshest ingredients. The restaurant is owned by a couple from South Korea, so besides Japanese specialties, it is also possible to taste Korean cuisine.

address: Jagellonská 1062/11, Prague 3
price level: $$

2. The Sushi Bar

The Sushi Bar in Smíchov offers sushi for which you need make a reservation in advance. This business is renowned, and not only in Prague 5. There are also other dishes typical of Japan. For example, a variety of seafood and fish grilled in Japanese style. Vegetarian sets are available for vegetarians.

address: Zborovská 49, Prague 5 – Lesser Town
price level: $$$

3. Planet Sushi

Another excellent establishment situated in Smíchov. Planet Sushi restaurant has been popular with many lovers of Japanese cuisine from all over Prague, located directly in Anděl area. There is a large selection of Asian delicacies, soups, noodles and delicious salads. The minimalist interior creates the unique atmosphere of a luxury bistro and offers a quick lunch and a romantic dinner.

address: Nádražní 110, Prague 5 – Smíchov
price level: $$$

4. Miyabi

Business as in Japan – that is how Miyabi Restaurant in New Town works. In addition to the classic interior with tables and chairs, you can also sit on the floor at low tables. The Asian atmosphere is enhanced by wooden paneling and harmonious pastel colors. In addition to the excellent sushi menu, there is also a draft Japanese beer Asahi.

address: Navrátilova 664/10, Prague – New Town
price level: $$$

5. Yoshihashi

Yoshihashi sushi is an impressive restaurant that definitely belongs to the list of the best sushi restaurants in Prague. It is an inconspicuous and quiet place that is run as a family restaurant. In addition to sushi, there are other Japanese specialties and a number of typical drinks such as sake, shochu or some lemonade.

address: Rámová 4, Prague 1 – Old Town
price level: $$

6. Soho

A luxury restaurant embellished with interesting modern interior and creative cuisine. In addition to less common dishes, such as octopus or St. James’s mussels, they also serve delicious sushi at this establishment. The restaurant is located near the center of Vyšehrad, on the bank of the Vltava River.

address: Podolské nábřeží 1, Prague 4
price level: $$$$

7. Buddha Café

Oriental cuisine is also in Vršovice. The Buddha Café on Norská Street offers authentic Thai, Malaysian, Chinese, Indonesian cuisine, and of course sushi. In addition to Vršovice, a partner establishment is also located in Vinohrady.

addresses: Norská 14, Prague 10 – Vršovice
Balbínova 19, Prague 2
price level: $$$