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We are a group of friends who have been living in Prague for several years. We love this city, the possibilities it offers and we want to help everyone to enjoy their visit to Prague to the fullest. We share tips on the "best" of Prague, whether it's sights, culture, activities or restaurants and bars, which places are worth a visit - or what rather to avoid. 

At the same time, because we love to travel ourselves and know what it's like to arrive in a foreign country or city, know nothing and feel lost, we try to help visitors in practical matters, provide useful information and make the visit to Prague as easy as possible for everyone. Because as it's said - those who are prepared are not surprised!

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Our readers are tourists from all over the world as well as the Czech Republic who are planning to visit Prague (or are already there) and want to see and experience the "best" that this city and its surroundings have to offer during their stay. Do you want them to know about you? Don´t hesitate to write to us to discuss further details!

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