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City guide by local people

Best kebab in Prague

TOP 5 tips from locals Did you know that kebab is one of the most popular hangover foods in Turkey? No wonder that in most cities you can find a kebab stand on almost every corner. And Prague is no exception. Whether you just love kebab and don't…

TOP 5 seafood restaurants Prague

serving the best seafood and fish you've ever eaten A few years ago, it was possible to enjoy quality fish and seafood in only a few restaurants in Prague. The popularity of a healthier lifestyle and the preference for fresh and quality ingredients…

TOP 9 Mexican restaurants in Prague

Where to enjoy real Mexico in Prague? Getting a proper Mexican meal in Prague, no tex-mex, wasn't exactly easy just a few years ago. However, with the development of Prague's gastronomic scene and the wave of Mexican immigrants, Mexican cuisine…

Trdelnik Prague

Where to taste the best one? Some people love it, others consider it a tourist kitsch and an overpriced delicacy full of calories. But for lovers of sweet pastries, it's hard to resist, as it usually scents the whole street with cinnamon. Yes, we'…

Best ice cream in Prague

7 tips for ice cream in Prague you must try What could be better than enjoying a good portion of ice cream during warm summer days? Indulging in this deliciousness all year round! In our opinion, ice cream is suitable for all seasons. Especially the ones…

Cafes in Prague worth visiting

Guide to Prague cafés: 15+1 tips where to enjoy coffee with a unique atmosphere Prague hides many treasures. And you only need to take a short walk around the Old Town and its surroundings to understand that it's no different when it comes to…