Prague in November

Weather in Prague in Nobemver incl. tips on things to do in Prague in November

Even though autumn is considered synonymous with gloomy weather for most people, it would be a shame to completely neglect any trip. The sight of Prague bathed in the most colourful autumn colours is breathtaking! What's more, there's still something going on in Prague in November, so as well as strolling through the colourful city and catching the last warm rays, you can also head to some of the interesting events. And one of the biggest advantages? By visiting Prague in November, you can avoid the crowds of tourists during the summer months and in the run-up to Christmas season. 

Prague in November

Weather in Prague in November

Temperatures in Prague in November are colder. It is not for nothing that it is the last month of autumn, and is thus a preparation for the coming winter. Mornings and evenings in particular are colder and temperatures can drop below zero, so it is advisable not to underestimate warm clothing. Don't forget to pack a hat and gloves. Although the weather in Prague in November can surprise you with temperatures even about 20 °C, these are the exceptions! Prague in November is characterized by crisp and changeable weather with humidity, fog and frosty air. You may even be surprised by rain, although it doesn't fall as much as other months. On average, it rains 7 days out of the whole month. Snow may appear as temperatures drop. And what about the sunshine? They're already dwindling noticeably. In Prague, the sun shines for an average of 1.8 hours in November. It is necessary to count on significantly shorter days. The average length of a November day is 9 hours, with the sun rising around 7am and setting around 4.30 pm.

Temperatures in Prague in November

Average daytime temperatures in Prague in November are around 6 - 10 °C. Towards the end of the month, temperatures can even drop to zero and the first frosts appear.

Things to do in Prague in November 

Goose Feast on St. Martin´s Day
Go to the St. Martin's Feast, the most popular autumn gastronomic feast. On St Martin's Day (11 November) it is customary in the Czech Republic to eat goose and drink red wine. Reservations are recommended in advance in restaurants. 

Velvet Revolution
Take the opportunity to learn more about the fall of communism in Prague. On 17 November, Wenceslas Square and Národní třída will host celebrations to mark the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. You can browse through a street exhibition or take part in various thematic talks. It is customary to light a candle at the place where students clashed with the police on Národní třída. There used to be a concert at the end of the event.

The Folimanka Shelter (
Try something a little different. Take a look inside the largest underground structure in Prague 2, the Folimanka Shelter, which is open once a month and the entry is free. It can hold up to 1300 persons! The shelter is maintained and is fully functional with lighting and heating.

Pleasant autumn walk and then relax in sauna
Take a walk around the Vltava River. Start from the tram stop Přístaviště, continue towards the river to the former Ledárny Braník. An asphalt cycle path leads to Zbraslav (about 8 km), from where you can return by train. After the trip, relax and warm up in the sauna world next to the Žluté Lázně.

National Museum (
Take advantage of a rainy day and spend it among the exhibits of the newly renovated National Museum on Wenceslas Square. It can take even a few hours. We also recommend buying a special ticket to the dome, which offers a view of the city centre. 

Tip: An overview of interesting events taking place in Prague throughout the year can be found HERE.

Public holidays in the Czech republic in November and opening hours

November 17  is in the Czech Republic a public holiday, the Day of the Struggle for Freedom and Democracy. However, shops are open.