Prague in May

Weather in Prague in May incl. tips on things to do in Prague in May

You can't help but love Prague in May! The city is literally in bloom and you probably won't know where to take a photo first. Compared to April, the weather in Prague in May is a bit more stable and there are fewer unexpected sudden changes during the day. Moreover, May is considered to be the month of love, and on the first of May it is customary to kiss under a cherry blossom tree to prevent a woman from drying up. The pleasant daytime temperatures that prevail in Prague in May literally tempt you to take a walk or generally spend time outdoors, even to organize a picnic. Speaking of food, the season of outdoor restaurant or pub gardens is here, and Prague's popular Náplavka is once again the venue for a number of events, farmers' markets or sitting down with a drink in hand. 

So what kind of weather to prepare for in Prague in May? You can also get inspired by our tips on things to do in Prague in May.

Weather in Prague in May

Weather in Prague in May

May is the month when you can pull shorts and a t-shirt out of your wardrobe, but then all you need is a little wind, the sun to go behind the clouds and a sweatshirt or light jacket to come in handy. After all, it's already known that this is the last month of spring. The weather in Prague in May is not as changeable as in April. Still, don't take the umbrella out of the suitcase. The average rainfall in Prague in May is about 66 mm, with 14-15 rainy days. Due to the rise in temperatures, there can also be thunderstorms, including hail. On the other hand, visitors to Prague enjoy an average of 7 hours of sunshine a day in May, with the day extending up to 16 hours. Just do not forget - the hot rays can be treacherous and sunscreen or sunglasses may come in handy. 

Temperatures in Prague in May

Temperatures in Prague in May lend themselves to long city wanderings. Usually they are between 10-20°C, however, Prague has warmed up considerably in recent years, so summer days with temperatures around 25°C are not uncommon. During night, expect 5-10°C.

Things to do in Prague in May

For sports enthusiasts: Prague International Marathon (
Pack your sports gear for Prague and run one of the most prestigious city runs in the world. It starts from Old Town Square and runs over 42 kilometres through the city centre.

For music lovers: Prague Spring (
Enjoy a bit of culture at a concert. The International Classical Music Festival with a long tradition starts in Prague in May. Each year over 45 performances of the best of the Czech and international music scene take place over three weeks. 

Have a picnic 
Take advantage of the sunny days. Buy takeaway food, pack a blanket and choose one of Prague's hundreds of parks. Try the popular Rieger Gardens, where you can watch the sun set over Prague Castle. It's a short walk or public transport ride from the centre.

Celebrate the month of love under the cherry tree
Head out with your sweetheart or loved one to see the trees in bloom. Petřínské sady, Stromovka, Parukářka or Třešňovka in Smetanka Park are perfect for romantic moments. 

A view of Prague from above
Take a look at the blossoming Prague from above. The Žižkov TV tower is already captivating at first glance with its sculptures of babies, but what about the view from above! In addition to the viewing platform, there is also a restaurant at the top of the tower, so you can have dinner, breakfast or just a drink here. 

Public holidays in the Czech Republic in May and opening hours

Major shops in the Czech Republic tend to be closed during some public holidays. What about public holidays in May? Labour Day is celebrated right on May 1, but shops remain open, so you can shop on this day without worry. On the other hand, on 8 May, larger shops must be closed by law.