Prague in March

Weather in Prague in March incl. tips on things to do in Prague in March

They say there's nothing more changeable than March weather, and in Prague this month you might find out why. According to meteorologists, the official start of spring is attributed to March 1, but that's no reason to lighten your suitcase of winter layers of clothing. Still, you'll love being in Prague in March! The days are finally starting to lengthen, the sun's rays are gaining at least a little strength, and there's a hint of spring in the air. You'll probably be able to admire Prague's charms in much more pleasant weather, although you might not be able to avoid a snowflake. Outdoor events will also be increasing throughout the month, and the city's streets are once again alive with tourist visits. Lovers of fairground attractions will also find something to do in Prague in March. In this article you will find not only information about weather in Prague in March, but also a few tips on things to do in Prague in March.

Prague in March

Weather in Prague in March

It doesn't get too warm in Prague in March. The sun only shines for an average of four hours a day and the humidity is around 76%. Temperatures in Prague in March do hover above freezing, and even get above 10°C here and there, but you can put on your winter hat the next day an beautiful sunny days are replaced by gloomy weather with rain and snow showers (about 6 days a month are rainy). Snow is rather rare in Prague in March. However, if you are going to go out in the evening, count on temperatures around freezing. The weather in Prague in March is very well described by the Czech proverb: Březen - za kamna vlezem, wich means "March - behind the stove." The real spring with warm days usually comes in mid-April. But what could make your stay in Prague in March much more pleasant are the longer days. The average day length in March is almost 12 hours! The sun rises before 7am and the light lasts until 6pm in the evening, even longer at the end of the month thanks to the time change. Just watch out for the sun - it doesn't heat up as much, but it does tan. The UV index is 3 in March, which means the risk of sunburn increases. 

Temperatures in Prague in March

Temperatures in Prague in March will increase a little. Temperatures drop to a maximum of -1 °C on average and hover around 8 °C during the day, sometimes rising to 15 °C. Significant cooling is mostly short-lived. As we have already mentioned, temperatures in Prague at night in March are also around freezing.

Things to do in Prague in March

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Visit Jewish Quarter 
Head to the mysterious Jewish Quarter in Josefov, located between Old Town Square and the Vltava River. This part of the city is heavily visited by tourists, so it's best to visit before the main tourist season. You can walk through six synagogues, the old cemetery and the ceremonial hall. Don't miss the second largest Jewish museum in the world and the Old Synagogue, which is one of the oldest. 

Matějská Funfair
Have fun at Prague's oldest funfair in Výstaviště (next to Stromovka Park and a short walk to the National Gallery). There are classic and adrenaline-pumping attractions and plenty of stalls.

Dyzajn market (
Head to one of the largest sales events for fashion, jewellery and other products from more than 180 local makers. The event takes place either at the National Theatre or at the Exhibition Grounds in Holešovice. 

Enjoy a drink on the roof of the Dancing House
Treat yourself to a slightly different view of Hradčany and the National Theatre. Relax on the roof of one of the most interesting buildings in Prague, the Dancing House, where there is a glass bar with a roof terrace. 

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Fun in the Crocodile Zoo
Take shelter from the cold weather among alligators, caimans and gators. You'll also be able to see over 120 turtles at the Crocodile Zoo, one of the largest collections in Europe.

Good to know: Do not forget the time change!
In March in Prague, you will have to move your watch hand one hour forward. As every year, at the end of the month, the winter time changes to summer time. What does that mean? We'll get an hour less sleep. At 2:00 a.m., the hands of the clock will move to 3:00 a.m. This standard time will then remain in effect until the end of October, when we will switch back to standard time.