Prague in June

Weather in Prague in June incl. tips on things to do in Prague in June

The first month of summer is very lively in Prague! The summer vacation time hasn't started yet, although the weather almost suggests it. Temperatures in Prague in June can be tropical. But don't expect just sunbathing on a blanket by the Vltava River, there are so many events in Prague in June that you won't know where to go. Aside from the traditional sightseeing, you can go to a music festival right in the centre of Prague, go beer tasting or see the city from a different perspective - perhaps right from the Vltava River!

Weather in Prague in June

Weather in Prague in June

June belongs to the summer months and in Prague in June you can look forward to mostly sunny days with pleasant summer temperatures. On average, you'll get 8 hours of sunshine a day, and with more than 16 hours of daylight, June offers the longest days of the year. Sometimes the weather in Prague in June is truly summery and literally invites you to visit one of the swimming pools or sunbathe by the Vltava River. In this case, however, you'd better pack a sunscreen with a higher factor. We are still in central Europe and not southern Italy, but the sun can be treacherous in Prague in June.
There are about 10 rainy days, slightly less than in May, but the amount of rainfall is similar, around 60-70 mm. So don't forget an umbrella or raincoat, lest an unexpected shower spoil your walk through Prague. 

Temperatures in Prague in June

Average temperatures in Prague in June range from 20-25°C (68-77°F), sometimes rising to 30°C (86°F). Nights are usually even cooler, around 15-18°C (59-64°F), so it's worth packing something warmer to wear for evenings spent outdoors. 

Things to do in Prague in June

Enjoy Prague directly from the Vltava River
During the summer months, the Vltava River is teeming with boats and pedal boats, and it's no wonder - the view of Prague from the Vltava is something to behold. You can rent a pedal boat on Střelecký Island, or if you want to enjoy a completely effortless trip, book a trip on one of the boats moored at Dvořák's Embankment. What about THIS ONE? A simple ferry ride from Smíchovská náplavka to the other side of the river can also be an experience, which costs a few crowns. 

Beers as much as you can drink - Festival of microbreweries at Prague Castle (
Taste a popular Czech drink produced by microbreweries in the beautiful surroundings of the Royal Garden of Prague Castle. The festival is attended by dozens of microbreweries, including their brewers and owners. 

Culture until dawn thanks to Prague Museum Night (
Explore dozens of Prague's museums, galleries and other cultural institutions at night! Museums are open from 7pm to 1am. Free admission, including transport on special public transport lines. 

Music at full blast at the Metronome Festival (
Enjoy the fun at a three-day music festival in the centre of Prague, featuring mainly international performers. As in the past Sting, Iggy Pop, Chemical Brothers, Kasabian, Massive Attack, Morcheeba etc. It takes place in the grounds of the Prague Exhibition Centre near the royal Stromovka preserve. 

For nature to Průhonice park
Take a walk to the arboretum and botanical garden next to the park and castle in Průhonice. An ideal place for a picnic or just a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.  You will be fascinated by the unique collection of 7 thousand species of ornamental plants and trees.