Prague in July

Weather in Prague in July incl. tips on things to do in Prague in July

If you have decided to visit Prague in July, you have a lot to look forward to. Sunny weather with summer temperatures, the streets are alive during the day and especially at night, and there are many events to choose from. And if not, why not take a trip to the surrounding area or just spread out on a blanket by the Vltava or the pool, with a book or ice cream in hand (and we know where to get the best one!)? Whatever way you choose to spend your time, one thing is for sure - Prague in July will not disappoint. 

Weather in Prague in July

Weather in Prague in July

Although the Czech Republic can't boast the sea, July is one of the hottest months in Prague, so we definitely recommend packing a swimsuit and a towel. Plus, it's one of the sunniest months of the year, so the weather in Prague in July will definitely please you. There is relatively little rainfall, and especially in recent years, there is a problem with severe drought in the summer. Any precipitation that does come usually comes with thunderstorms, and just as quickly as it comes, it leaves quickly and blue skies reappear. According to statistics, in Prague in July it rains 9 days out of the month. The average length of a July is almost 16 hours. Daylight is already from 5 am in the morning until about 9 pm in the evening. 

Temperatures in Prague in July

July is considered to be the peak of summer and with that comes the temperatures you can expect in Prague in July. The average maximum daily temperature is around 25-27 °C, but on tropical days it can reach 30 °C or more, which is not very pleasant in the hot streets. So be sure to pack sunglasses and sunscreen. The evenings are a little better, with temperatures dropping to a pleasant 15-18 °C, perfect for romantic walks along the Vltava or an evening in one of the many restaurants.

Things to do in July in Prague

Go for the best ice cream
Ice cream! Who doesn't love it! Whether you prefer it spun or scooped, you don't have to go to Italy to indulge in quality ice cream made with honest ingredients. For a list of the ones your taste buds shouldn't be deprived of, check out THIS guide. 

Sunbathing in the Yellow Baths
Enjoy the sun. Prague may not have a sea, but the Vltava River can be nice too. If you don't like swimming pools, which, by the way, are also plentiful in the metropolis (for tips on where to swim in Prague, check HERE), try the area of Žluté lázně, where you can sunbathe, play volleyball and other sports, or have a drink in the beach bar. There's also a regular summer cinema.

Go inline skating at Ladronka
Lounging by the water not for you? Get your body moving in the Ladronka area on Bílá Hora, where a 3.46 km long asphalt circuit ideal for inline skating awaits you. You can rent inline skates on site. Continue to nearby Strahov with Petřínské sady or head to the Hvězda Game Reserve. 

Steamboat trip to the ZOO
The zoo is a popular destination for visitors all year round. But how about swapping Prague's public transport for a romantic steamboat ride to get there? A regular boat service departs from Rašín's Embankment and takes you to Císařské ostrov near the ZOO in 75 minutes. Along the way, you will be able to see Hradčany, the Vltava bridges and the Metronome in Letná. 

Enjoy a picnic in Stromovka
From the ZOO you can go straight to the nearby Stromovka, which is a great place not only for sports activities but also for relaxation. Pack a blanket and something good, there are several seating areas on site, and enjoy the afternoon in the pleasant shade of the greenery of one of Prague's largest parks.

Public holidays in the Czech Republic in July and shop opening hours

During some public holidays, major shops in the Czech Republic are closed. What about public holidays in July? July 5 is the Day of the Slavic Saints Cyril and Methodius and July 6 is the Day of the Burning of Jan Hus. However, shops remain open on both days.