Prague in January

Weather in Prague in January incl. tips on things to do in Prague in January

While wandering the streets of Prague, you will probably be blown by a cold wind here and there and need to pack an extra layer of clothes, but we guarantee that you will enjoy your visit to Prague in January. Even in the first month of the year, you can enjoy beautiful corners, views of Prague Castle and the historic centre. And with fewer tourists! The weather in Prague in January is usually colder than in December, but don't worry, you don't have to worry about any harsh winter in the city. However, you can also go ice skating or even cross-country skiing. And if you're not into sports, just take advantage of the after-Christmas sales and bargain shopping. And what about the culture? In addition to exhibitions and museums, you can spend a pleasant evening at the theatre and end the evening over a glass of wine. In short - Prague in January will not disappoint.

Prague in January

Weather in Prague in January

Advent and Christmas holidays are over, but winter in Prague is definitely not. On the contrary. The temperature in Prague in January usually drops even lower than in December and the pavements can be covered with more snow or even ice. According to statistics, January is the coldest month of the year and the weather in Prague in January is perfect for winter lovers. It is also the most snowy month and sometimes it's pretty slippery. That's why we recommend not forgetting warm gloves, a cap and preferably waterproof shoes to keep your feet warm. Temperatures in Prague in January can feel even lower than the actual temperature, as January is also the month with the highest humidity. This is even though it rains less than 7 days on average, making it one of the driest months. Sunshine is also scarce, with only 1.6 hours of sunshine out of the entire day. The length of the day (8.5 hours) corresponds to this, but compared to December the day is already slightly longer. The sun rises around 8am and sets at 4pm. However, when the sun does come out, the sun's rays can show their power and sunglasses can come in handy. 

Temperatures in Prague in January

Temperatures in Prague in January tend to be freezing. They average around 0 to 5 °C during the day. The longer days do not have a significant effect on the air temperature. However, records are also being set - on the hottest days in January, even 15 °C have been measured. 

Things to do in Prague in January

Cross-country skiing at the Chuchle racetrack
Try cross country skiing at the Chuchle racecourse, which turns into a ski park when temperatures drop below minus three degrees for several days in a row. Rent skis on site. 

National Theatre 
Visit the most famous theatre in the Czech Republic, which opened in the 19th century and has a beautiful interior. The performances include English subtitles, so there's no need to worry about not understanding.

Surf Arena 
Run away from the cold weather in the first surf simulator in the Czech Republic. They will lend you equipment and instructors will explain everything to you. The whole experience takes about 2 hours.

Divoká Šárka 
Take a walk through the picturesque valley of Divoká Šárka. You can also skate on the Džbán water reservoir. Skates can be rented at the nearby Hvězda ice rink (near the Bořislavka metro station). 

After-Christmas sales
After Christmas, big sales start everywhere and in Prague it is no different in January. You can satisfy the shopping fever in modern shopping centres (Nový Smíchov, Arkády Pankrác, Palladium, Westfield Chodov and others) or in the shopping street on Příkopy, Wenceslas Square or the most expensive Parisian street. Discounts can be up to -70 %. 

Public holidays in Prague in January and shop opening hours in January

On New Year's Day, i.e. on 1 January, there is the public holiday of the Restoration of the Independent Czech State and supermarkets are closed.