Prague in December

Weather in Prague in December incl. tips on things to do in Prague in December

When else to go to Prague than in December, when the city is fabulously beautiful. If you're lucky, it might even be blanketed in a white blanket of snow. And even if not, it doesn't take away from the charm of Christmas in Prague. The romantic streets are decorated with lights and Christmas decorations, and there's the smell of mulled wine on every corner. Even though the weather in Prague in December is colder, there are still plenty of activities to do. Smaller ice rinks can be found in the city centre, so you can skate in the historic scenery of the city. You shouldn't neglect walking either, even though the temperatures in Prague in December are really wintry. The view of Prague in December is completely different and has its own unique atmosphere. There are Christmas markets in every square to remind you of the pre-Christmas time. You can also taste many local specialties such as roasted chestnuts. Prague in December is simply worth it!

Prague in December

Weather in Prague in December

The end of the year in Prague is not as temperature-friendly as in the south of Europe, for example. December is officially the first month of winter and it is indeed considerably colder. Temperatures in Prague in December can commonly fluctuate several degrees below zero, so you shouldn't underestimate warm layers of clothing. Snow can fall in the evening, which melts quickly despite the warmer day, leaving a wet 'slush' on the pavements. Therefore, think about waterproof boots. After all, along with November and January, this is the wettest time of the year. It rains on average 6.8 days out of the month. In December, you will have the opportunity to really enjoy the Christmas-lit Prague - because Prague in December has the shortest days. On average, the light is only on for over 8 hours! The sun rises around 7:30am and sets around 4pm. There is also the least sunshine (1.5 hours per day). But that doesn't mean you should skip the sunscreen. On the contrary, the strength of the UV rays is doubled by the reflection of the snow. Sunglasses will therefore come in handy. 

Temperatures in Prague in December

Average temperatures in Prague in December are around 2-5 °C during the day, but can drop to -3 °C. Occasionally, temperature records above 10 °C may occur. 

Things to do in Prague in December

Mulled wine at Prague's largest ice rink
Enjoy the Christmas atmosphere at the largest outdoor ice rink in Prague, located opposite the Sparta Football Stadium on Letná. Skates are available for rent and you can warm up in a heated tent or with a coffee or mulled wine in the bistro. 

Boutique cinema Přítomnost (
Enjoy a movie night, but instead of a classic multiplex, prefer the boutique cinema Presence. Sit in chairs with tables and sip a drink during the film projection. The bar with service is right in the cinema auditorium!

Walk through Christmas Prague with nativity scenes
Walk from the Lesser Town to Prague Castle via the castle steps. And from 25 December, spice up your walk with a visit to the Nativity scene in Loreta. Or head to Nábřeží and walk to the Bethlehem Chapel, where there is an interesting exhibition of crafts and nativity scenes. 

Christmas Markets (late November - early January,
Enjoy an afternoon, evening or even a whole day at the Advent markets. Head to the Christmas market in Old Town Square with the biggest Christmas tree. It all starts with the lighting ceremony. Taste mulled wine, mead or punch. Other christmas markets in Prague are also worth a visit.

New Year's Eve night
Celebrate the end of the year with fireworks. We recommend Letenské sady near Letenský zámeček, where Prague residents like to set them off. You can also toast with champagne. After midnight, you can walk downtown across the Štefánik Bridge to Dlouhá Street, where there are plenty of clubs where the New Year celebrations continue into the early hours.

Tip: An overview of interesting events taking place in Prague throughout the year can be found HERE.

Public holidays in the Czech Republic in December and opening hours

There are three public holidays in December when shops are closed: Christmas Eve, December 24 (usually from 12pm), December 25 (1st Christmas Day) and December 26 (2nd Christmas Day).