Berlin to Prague by car

A complete guide

Last update: April 2023

Travelling between Berlin and Prague by car is a fast and comfortable way to explore two of Central Europe's most vibrant cities. On the other hand, in terms of cost, it is a more expensive option, especially if you don't drive your own car or travel alone. Therefore we would rather recommend getting from Prague to Berlin by train or bus.

However, if you still prefer to travel from Prague to Berlin / Berlin to Prague by car - whether you're planning to drive, rent a car or even take a taxi - and you are looking for information on how best to plan your journey, this guide will help you make sure your trip goes smoothly!

Looking for a comparison of all possible ways to get from Berlin to Prague and vice versa? Check here! 

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 Distance from Berlin to Prague by car

The direct distance (meaning as the crow flies) between Prague and Berlin is 280 km, the driving distance from Prague to Berlin / Berlin to Prague is about 350 km (217 miles). For the best Berlin to Prague drive itinerary we recommend using Google Maps or Waze. 

 Berlin to Prague drive time: How long does the drive take?

The drive from Prague to Berlin is quick and can be done in less than 4 hours. However, it always depends on the traffic conditions and during rush hour, weekends or holidays the Prague - Berlin drive time can be significantly longer. You also need to take into account any rest stops that may be needed. Moreover, the fastest way leads you through the highways of both the countries, so don't forget to check the rules (see below).

Berlin to Prague by car: rent a car or take a taxi

Don't have your own car, don't drive or simply don't want to travel by train or bus for some reason? Given the distance of Berlin from Prague, it is possible to get from one city to another by taxi or even use a car rental for your Berlin to Prague trip.

  Private car transfer Berlin - Prague

Ordering a car transfer is probably the most comfortable of all the options for getting by car from Berlin to Prague and vice versa. You just order a car with a driver of your choice, the driver picks you up at the desired location, helps you with your luggage, you don't have to deal with anything at all. There are usually some additional services offered during the journey. Of course, it is obvious that the cost for this mode of transport is higher than by train or bus. Is convenience your top priority? Then book your transfer HERE!

  Car rental Berlin to Prague

Nowadays, it is usually no problem to travel from one country to another within Europe even with a rental car. Proven services across Europe are offered by DiscoverCars, which allows you to choose from a wide range of cars according to your needs and preferences, choose where to pick up your car, drop it off, etc. Ready to rent your car?

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In general, it is always worth checking in advance whether the car rental company allows it. Sometimes there is also an extra fee for renting a car to travel across borders (e.g. for insurance), or it can be limited only to certain types of cars etc. If you only want to use the car for a one-way drive from Prague to Berlin/Berlin to Prague and leave the car there, you should expect high additional costs.

 Good to know before your Berlin to Prague drive

While travelling between Berlin and Prague by road is convenient and fast, there are a few things to consider when planning your trip.

Check the traffic rules
Please note that the driving rules may differ in both countries. Specifically, for example: age limit, speed limits, the need for daytime running lights, rules for transporting children, animals, mandatory equipment, alcohol tolerance and more.

Highway vignette
While motorways in Germany are still free for cars, in the Czech Republic you have to buy a vignette. There used to be a sticker that you had to stick on your windscreen, but now an e-vignette is used, so you simply register the registration plate online and the e-vignette is immediately valid. The shortest validity period is 10 days. Of course, it is also possible to get from Berlin to Prague by car off the motorways, but this will increase the drive time from Berlin to Prague considerably.

Valid driver's license or IDP
Tourists are allowed to drive a car in Germany or the Czech Republic with a valid foreign driving licence, as long as it is recognized in these countries. However, especially if you are a foreigner from a country outside the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA), you will need an International Driving Permit (IDP) in addition to your valid driver's license from your home country. For EU citizens, an IDP is not required to drive in Germany or in the Czech Republic as long as their driver's license is valid in their home country.

Additionally, if you want to rent a car, many car rental companies will ask you for a valid IDP. 

Other documents needed
In addition to your driver's license, you should also have other necessary documents with you while driving from Berlin to Prague by car. These documents include:

  • Valid ID card / passport
  • Vehicle registration papers: If you are driving a car that you own, make sure you have the registration papers with you.
  • Rental car agreement: If you are renting a car, make sure that you have the rental agreement with you.
  • Insurance documents: Make sure that the car you are driving is insured and that you carry the necessary insurance documents with you. If you are renting a car, the rental company will usually provide insurance as part of the rental agreement.

Parking in Berlin and Prague

As in other major cities, Prague and Berlin are struggling with the number of cars and thus the parking problem. So if you are considering visiting Berlin or Prague by car, it's a good idea to find out your parking options beforehand. In the case of Prague, we recommend reading our guide to parking in Prague

Make the most of your Berlin to Prague drive:
recommended stops

Travelling between Berlin and Prague by car gives you the freedom of designing your trip according to your preferences, incl. to stop anywhere to enjoy some interesting places along the route. So which places are worth visiting on the way from Prague to Berlin by car, if you're not in a hurry?

Dresden: famous for its baroque architecture and rich cultural heritage. Some of the must-see attractions in Dresden include the Zwinger Palace, the Frauenkirche, the Green Vault, the Fürstenzug, the Semperoper and many more.

Meissen: famous for its porcelain. Visitors can tour the Meissen Porcelain Factory and learn about the history and production of this iconic German product.

Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland National Park: the national park famous for its breathtaking sandstone cliffs and breathtaking scenery. The Pravčická Gate is especially worth a visit.

Terezin Memorial: This former Nazi concentration camp is located just north of Prague and is now a powerful reminder of the atrocities of the Holocaust.

Tropical Islands: a large water park offering a lot of fun for everybody, from families and groups to couples. Open year-round and 24/7.

Brief summary

Distance from Berlin to Prague by car: 350 km
Drive time Berlin to Prague: up to 4 hours depending on the traffic conditions
Necessary documents: personal ID or passport, valid driver's license or IDP, insurance
Recommended services:
yes Book a transfer from Berlin to Prague / Prague to Berlin
yes Rent a car for you Berlin to Prague drive

Other transportation options

Berlin and Prague are very well connected by all means of transport. Basically, in addition to travelling by car, you can travel also by trainbus or air. Interested in comparing all possible ways to get from Berlin to Prague and vice versa? Check here! 

Final note: Do you have any questions about travelling by car from Berlin to Prague or vise versa? Do you have your own tip, information that might be useful to other travellers? Or is there anything you would like to tell us? Don´t hesitate to let us know!